Limited Site Assessment

For clients who would like a cursory review of the history of a particular property or properties, we can provide sub-portions of a Phase I review. These can be helpful for Clients who are evaluating multiple opportunities, as a first-pass screening for potential issues. These screening reports are typically customized to fit each client’s particular needs.

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

As the first step in meeting your environmental due diligence needs, our experienced assessors provide Phase I assessments that conform to the industry standard, ASTM 1527(2013). Relying upon historical documents, title searches, aerial photos, as well as a site visit, we will determine potential environmental issues and the need, if any, for additional evaluation. As engineers with experience in remediation of properties large and small, we bring a wealth of knowledge and critical eye to evaluating both the subject property, as well as the area and history around it that may have caused impacts unforeseen by a more cursory review.

Phase II Environmental Site Assessments

For properties with potential environmental issues, our engineers will plan and conduct a Phase II assessment to determine the presence and potential scope of any environmental impacts. Our Phase II assessments conform to the industry standard, ASTM 1903-11. Our engineers are experienced in preparing sampling plans for all types of potential environmental impacts to soil, groundwater, buildings, soil gas and ambient air, including screening for vapor intrusion issues. We provide the planning, investigation, laboratory analyses, and reporting as a turn-key, one-stop service, keeping the work and budget streamlined and contained.

Site Remediation / No Further Action Letters

For sites that require remediation, we will work with our clients to determine the best course toward reaching the client’s ultimate objective for the site (e.g. property sale, property re-use, removal of potential liability, prevention of off-site migration, institutional controls etc.). We review the technologies capable of treating the target contaminants and the particular affected media. We will help determine the criteria (price, constructability, timeframe, impact on site activities, etc.) with which we evaluate available technologies. Once a path forward is determined, we can provide design, construction, management, and reporting services turn-key, providing our clients with ease of communication and a level of involvement suited to their needs. We are experienced in navigating the various regulatory environments in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Iowa and have professional engineers licensed in all those States.

Our experience covers a wide range of treatment methods including: vapor intrusion mitigation, sub-slab de-pressurization systems, soil vapor extraction, air sparging, bioventing, excavation and disposal, air stripping, groundwater pump and treat, dual phase extraction, and in-situ chemical and biological treatment, among others.

Leaking Underground Storage Tanks

We can provide investigation, monitoring and reporting for releases related to underground storage tanks in midwest States. We are well versed in the various regulatory requirements and can provide tank removal and remediation services as necessary for our clients.

Lead Based Paint / Asbestos / Radon

We can provide inspections, assessment and sampling and analysis for presence of lead-based paint, asbestos, and radon. If found, we can perform abatement services through our network of sub-contractors experienced in commercial, industrial, and residential level projects.